Patient Portal Guide

The University of Illinois Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Clinic utilizes an electronic medical record system called ClinicNote. Through ClinicNote, patients are able to access their upcoming appointment schedule, clinic forms and paperwork, medical records, billing information, and messages directly from our office.

It should be noted that ClinicNote works best when using Google Chrome as the web browser.

New Patient

When you are established as a new patient, you will receive an email from our patient portal in Clinic Note. The email is general and does not include any PHI. Patients will be asked to complete the setup process by following the link provided in the email. Patients will create their own password using their email address as the username.

Accessing Fillable Forms/Paperwork

Fillable forms will appear in the patient’s portal in the “Clinic Forms” module for new patients to fill out prior to their appointment. Newly shared forms will automatically appear in the “Incomplete Forms” list. To fill out, patients will click start and fill in the designated fields. You may click “Save and Finish Later” if you would like to resume filling it out later. To resume, click “Edit”. Once you’re done, click “Add Signature” to draw in your signature, type your name, and your relationship to the patient. Then click “Submit.” Once submitted, the form will appear in the “Completed Forms” list in the portal as well as the portal folder in the patient list. The patient and therapists can view the form as a pdf by clicking view. If the patient does not sign and submit the document, clinicians are not able to see any progress on the form.

Appointment Schedule

Patients are able to see appointment history as well as upcoming appointments within the portal. Patients can view the schedule in one week or more increments seeing past, current, and future appointments. This will also show the attendance selected for each appointment for tracking purposes.

Viewing and Sending Messages

Messages can be sent between patient and therapist or other staff in the clinic. When you receive a message, you will be notified via email. The email is general and does not include PHI. You will be asked to log into the portal to review the message. Once logged into the portal, there will be a red notification showing where to find the message. If the patient would like to respond to the message, use the “Message Therapist” feature in the top right-hand corner. This is the best way for patients to have direct communication with their providers.

Uploading Files

Patients have the ability to upload files or documents that are necessary for appointments. To do so visit the “Uploads” tab of the portal. To do this, “Choose File” < “Upload”. The documents they upload will appear on both the clinician’s and patient’s portal.

Edit Information

Patients are able to edit their personal information, including the spelling of their name, emergency contact information, and address. We recommend that they do not edit insurance information, as this may interfere with your care. Photos can also be uploaded of both the front and back of the primary insurance card.

Forgot Password?

The following include steps to troubleshoot if the patient forgot their password or if they are not able to log in.

2. Type in username (email address)

3. Click “Sign in”

4. Click “Forgot Your Password?”

5. Type your username (email address)

6. Click “Send Reset Email”

7. Patient will receive an email to reset password and log in